Dateline November/December 2008

Ahhhhh … the holidays!

The months of November and early December (as this is being written) found Ventnor turning its attention to the election, early in the month of November. The races at national (Presidential) and federal statewide levels (U.S. Senate and 2nd District U. S. House of Representatives) received some attention via links to news and debate in our Election 2008 Forum.  A strange case of a car which drove a substantial distance along the Ventnor Boardwalk before a crash through railings and onto the beach was front-page news the following week.  Then the family-centered and localized celebrations of the holiday season were to be expected in the later weeks of the month, including local Craft Fairs for gift purchases and fund raising.  

The PICKUP POSSE issued its last call to round-up of Calendar Year 2008 on the Sunday after Thanks-giving.  Those turkey feastday calories got burned, burned, burned by the energetic volunteers! 


In township business news, at its November 20th meeting the Ventnor City Commission adopted an ordinance regulating sidewalk tables and chairs, and requiring minimum 7 feet clearance areas between curbline and seating areas.  While there had been debate both “pro” and “con” from affected business owners at the first reading of the ordinance in October, the actual adoption was without fanfare.  (WLV did not provide video coverage of the October nor November Commission meetings.  A comprehensive list of videos, relating to both the public business side and the social/cultural side of Ventnor, is regularly updated and available at THIS LINK. ) 

In other action, there was consideration given to the issue of the municipal parking lot and how it is impacted by vehicles whose owners pay monthly fees for parking, and those needing short-term metered parking to shop.  An investigation into other public areas which might accommodate long-term parking needs was mentioned by Commission.  Other city business, apparent from the Agenda which is posted at the City of Ventnor’s website and linked as a PDF document below, included bid opening information related to the water meters, and work by divers to investigate the area where the sewer line ruptured under the Mile Stretch/West Canal, and additionally, corrective work to install HVAC at the new library which has suffered from problems related to how the heating, electrical, and roofing systems were installed and may be a “gift that keeps on taking” (from taxpayers) until all these inherited problems are resolved through that which warranties might cover,  or not.  Finally, it was discovered that the demolition of the ice skating rink to make way for the large Library and Cultural Arts Center in that block-wide footprint of location had created a need for Ventnor to replace the lost “recreation space” with other recreation space, somewhere within the city’s borders.  The land tract at Ventnor West may have land which will meet the DEP’s requirements.  Click here to learn more about this issue.

In early December, the news of note was that the Ventnor-based Baby Blue Foundation was the reason for the occasion of having the first “Safe Haven” official signs in New Jersey unveiled and deployed right here in Ventnor on December 4th .  In addition, work was reported in the Downbeach Current to be scheduled on an emergency basis to address problems with the Dorset Ave. Bridge

The following Saturday and Sunday, there were annual traditions associated with the First Weekend of December.   The Ventnor Holiday Parade was staged on December 6th and readers should click HERE to view all the photos. 

Then the annual Dollars for Scholars Breakfast, to do fundraising for college bound local high school seniors, was hosted the following morning, on December 7th.  Click HERE to view all those photos.

As the jolly gents – including our coastal Santa in his brightly festive VCBP lifeboat --  might say …  Ho, ho, ho! 

Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year in 2009!