Dateline June 2008:
New Administration and Summer Season

The new City of Ventnor administration did not even await their swearing in on May 20th to take their first actions as newly elected officials.  The Thursday before their Tuesday swearing-in, they attended the final Commission meeting of the outgoing administration and asked that four spending measures on the agenda for adoption and approval be tabled, rather than passed.  At the first meeting after their swearing in, they then voted to reject the bids which had been solicited as part of the spending plans.

A host of new citizen advisory committees were unveiled at the new administration’s Memorial Day event.  Sheets were laid out at a Welcome table inviting citizens to sign up for Environment, Recreation, Beautification, Improvements, Multi-Cultural Affairs, and Four-Districts-One-Ventnor amongst other voluntary/advisory groups.  Governing by consensus and pro-active citizen consultation was a campaign promise which the new Commissioners appear to have lost no time in fulfilling.

A further report in June found the meeting schedule altered to once per month and at the later hour of 7PM.   An interim Solicitor was also appointed to replace John Scott Abbott, whose 12 years as Ventnor Solicitor were concurrent with Mayor Kreischer becoming mayor in 1996.  The new Commission named Tim Maguire, whose practice is based in Northfield and who serves in that post in his hometown of Brigantine, as well as being counsel to the Atlantic County Mayors’ Association.

A voluntary flower-planting event was announced for June 14th as part of the initiative pursued by the new Beautification advisory group, and a decision was made not to re-open the Bay Breeze Golf Driving Range for this season.  The latter was reported by the Atlantic City Press at this link …

The decision was made because the range had fallen into substantial disrepair, as documented in photographs taken by one of our website “regulars” late in the spring.  To make the range operational for the summer season would require expenditures not consistent with the spending freeze and tax stabilization efforts promised by the new Commissioners.  In addition, the new Recreation advisory group wanted to explore a range of options for the municipally-owned land.  These might include handling the facility as a concession to be managed and operated by a golf pro (with net income to the city) or as a skate board park or alternate use.

With the summer season now underway, the emphasis of the website will turn to keeping track of summer events on a Summer Events Calendar and the efforts of WeLoveVentnor are also being directed toward giving a boost of “higher visibility” to the small private sector businesses in town.  A project has started, with its goal to create a video directory featuring merchants and their customers in Ventnor.