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Dateline DECEMBER 2007: City Audits, a “Grinch” Before Holidays

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Audits, Auctions, the Strange Saga of Ventnor’s Fired CFO (and Still Uncertain Tax Assessor)
and W♥V’s launch of a YouTube Channel with Links to View Content

Dateline OCTOBER 2007:  Open Public Record Act (OPRA) Requests

Dateline 9/21/07:  Ventnor's Auction of 6 N. Hillside Ave. Fizzles

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Land Planning

Fishing Pier:

Part I of a Series on The Ventnor Fishing Pier:  An Historical Perspective

Part II – The 2003 Engineers' Reports on the Pier

Part III – The $1.5 Million Estimate, the $2.6 Million “first bid”, the $3.2 Million “second bid” and Questions about the Pier’s Final Costs

Part IV – The Public Hearings, the Vote, the Construction

Pay to Play Reform:

Part I of a Series on Pay-to-Play Reform:  Levinson Proposes Pay-to-Play Ban for County Government in Atlantic County.  What about reform of Municipal Pay-to-Play Practices in Ventnor?

Part II of a Series on Pay-to-Play Reform: The Civic Health Survey.  

Part III of a Series on Pay-to-Play Reform:  The Outcome of the Civic Health Survey as Reported by Actual Findings. 

Human Interest Spotlight:

Bruno, the Bronze Sun-hipper!

Clyde and Jude Yost, featured in video!