OPRA #3 of 2012 - August 28, 2012 (response)

Thank you very much for your prompt response to the OPRA Request #2 that was recently filed.

With reference to the question regarding the hiring of an individual named Wayne Bailey, whose recent history is recited in the news reports linked below, some further questions arise which prompt this OPRA #3.

Amount allegedly stolen ($8,000)
Guilty plea and terms requiring a give-up of employment as a Dispatcher with Ventnor City

In the first PDF of the four listed below, there is an Answer which states that Mr. Bailey's alternate hiring to the position of Laborer from a past position as a Dispatcher, was per the authorization of the "Board of Commissioners" and "Tom Klein" and "Dave Smith." All of the above are provided with a "cc" of the OPRA response. Management Specialist Tom Quirk would be provided a "cc" as well if he had a known and assigned email address in Ventnor. Kindly provide him with a printed copy of this email to enable his reading of this OPRA request

1. Please produce any and all written material respecting the hiring of Mr. Bailey to the position of Laborer including, without limitation, the following:
(a) any hiring or employment forms for Mr. Bailey signed by department heads or others having a role in the hiring, PDF
(b) any emails relating to Mr. Bailey's hiring that were written by or received by elected officials or public employees on the payroll of City of Ventnor. PDF
(c) any phone logs containing notations reflecting phone conversations by and between Mr. Bailey and any official having any role in his hiring
as per Mayor, Cmrs, T Quirk, D Smith & T Klein no such phone logs exist
(d) any phone logs containing notations reflecting phone conversations relating to Mr. Bailey's hiring
as per Mayor, Cmrs, T Quirk, D Smith & T Klein no such phone logs exist
(e) any memos or notes, whether typed or hand written, which discuss Mr. Bailey's hiring.
as per Mayor, Cmrs, T Quirk, D Smith & T Klein no such memos or notes exist.

2. To the extent that there is oral but unconfirmed information suggesting that Mr. Bailey had a period (allegedly six months) of suspension from his position as Dispatcher, please provide a more detailed record of his employment with City of Ventnor consisting of start date, job description, salary, end date (or suspension date), and hiring date of the most recent hiring to a Laborer position. PDF

3. To the extent that Mr. Bailey's plea bargain as reported in press accounts called for him to give up two public positions, one in Somers Point with the SPVFD from which he stole, and the other in Ventnor City, please provide any written materials (emails, letters, memoranda, notes of phone conversations) by and between anyone in Ventnor having authority in the matter of Bailey's rehiring to another publicly funded job position, and anyone involved with his prosecution by Atlantic County Office of the Prosecutor, pursuant to which law enforcement might have been given an opportunity to "clear" the hiring of Mr. Bailey as not being in contravention of the intent of their plea bargain arrangement.
As per Administrator Russo, no such written materials exist.

By way of further follow-up to another answer provided in response to the earlier OPRA #2 request, which had asked for any advertisements posted from June through the present time for public employment positions with City of Ventnor, the answer was that there had been none. There appears to have been at least one position advertised through Civil Service and it can be found at this link: http://info.csc.state.nj.us/vats/WebAnno.aspx?FileNumber=16016 To assure preservation of the written record after the closing date finds the link expunged, the body of the advertisement reads as follows PDF

Accordingly, please advise if this is the sole advertisement for a hiring in Ventnor occurring during the time period mentioned in the OPRA request, or if there might have been other ads which emanated from city employees who, in the past, have not been the authors of job description requirements nor the procurers of advertisement placements.
The attached notice for “Clerk Typist” was posted on the City Hall Bulletin Board by CFO Aboderin. PDF

Further, since press accounts have quoted Mr. Thomas Quirk as a Ventnor spokesperson and have cited to his position as "Management Specialist" -- see, e.g.,
please advise if this advertised position is for a new position being opened up for management specialist or the same position which appears to have already been filled.
This Civil Service Listing is for the position filled by Mr. Quirk. The Civil Service Commission generates a “test announcement” when a new hire is entered into their system.

Thanks once again for your prompt attention to this OPRA #3 which seeks further information.