OPRA #2 of 2012 - August 25, 2012 (response PDF)

1. Legal and financial particulars relating to the demolition of the apartment building at the corner of Ventnor Ave. and S. Nashville Ave. (5000 block of Ventnor Ave. and street address of 1 S. Nashville Ave.), as follows:
a) Cost of demolition
b) Copy of ordinance authorizing demolition and appropriating funds for demolition
c) Copy of any advertisement(s) seeking competitive bids from demolition contractors
d) Identity of contractor and copy of Ventnor City's contract with the chosen entity
e) Documents reflecting placement of any and all pending city liens recorded against the property, inclusive of demolition costs and back taxes. PDF

2. Financial particulars relating to the recent "Rockin' the Thunder" event insofar as the staging of the event may have involved public funding, as follows:
a) List of participants (other than existing city employees assigned to work the event) who were paid with city funds for their participation or for goods/services vended at the event
b) Amounts paid to each paid participant or vendor
c) Identification of the city-funded budgetary funding sources, as follows:
i) Line item in existing Recreation budget for 2012
ii) New authorization promulgated through city ordinance
iii) New appropriation promulgated through city ordinance

3. Legal and financial particulars relating to public hiring by the city since June 1, 2012 with the documents sought being as follows:
a) Copy of any advertisements placed in June, July, August of 2012 seeking applicants for any new or vacant public jobs with City of Ventnor City
b) Copy of ordinances authorizing funding for new public positions for which applicants have been sought since June 1, 2012. Ordinance PDFAmended Ordinance PDF
c) Copy of ordinances appropriating funding for the new public positions

4. With respect to the employment of City of Ventnor City of an individual named Wayne Bailey, please provide the following particulars:
a) Date of initial hiring
b) Identification of all job descriptions held
c) Salaries paid at each position held
d) Identification of the Department Head or elected official authorizing Mr. Bailey's most recent hiring within the Water and Sewer Department
e) Copy or copies of all public advertisements published to find applicants for the position to which Mr. Bailey was most recently hired.

5. Copy of any municipal ordinances which address the city's hiring practices in respect of individuals who have felony convictions and/or pending felony charges.

Please inform me of any copy charges that might be associated with public documents for which an emailed PDF or other scanned image is not possible.

Thank you very much for your attention to this request filed under New Jersey's Open Public Records Act.