OPRA 5 (2015)
OPRA request for Ventnor's Long term Debt and Long Term Debt Repayment Schedule
(Ventnor's responses to OPRA are in bold, underlined and linked to the file)

This Open Public Records Act request asks for the following items of public information:

  1. An enumeration of all Ventnor City municipal, schools, and water/sewer long-term debt at the present time. PDF
  2. A schedule showing repayment /amortization schedules of debt for 2015 and going forward until 2020. PDF
  3. Information about the $5 million loan from which @$1.5M was drawn down in 2013 and another $3.5M was drawn down in 2014 to plug a revenue shortfall vis-a-vis 2014 budget; more particularly:
    a. Was any part of that debt converted to a grant? If not, then
    b. Copy of the loan repayment schedule.
    We do not have any answers on the $5m loan/grant yet. The State has to make a determination and we have not heard from them yet
  4. Information about any past surplus in Ventnor City accounts and to what use any past surplus drawn into 2015 budget will be applied.
    Surplus is applied on the revenue side of the budget not to any particular line or for any particular purpose. In essence, it’s used to balance the budget.

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