OPRA 1 (2015)
OPRA to Atlantic County about Dorset Bridge
(Atlantic County's responses to OPRA are in bold, underlined and linked to the file)


You submitted a request for governmental records pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act, N.J.S.A. 47:1-1A, et seq., commonly referred to as "OPRA". You have indicated that your preferred delivery method is email.

Your request sought:

  1. Job description with enumerated duties expected of individuals employed as bridge keepers or bridge tenders at the Dorset Avenue bridge in Ventnor, NJ. PDF
  2. Copy of any negotiated contract and/or collective bargaining agreement under which individuals employed as Dorset Avenue bridge keepers or tenders are governed PDF
  3. Print out of county bridge workers who have been assigned keeper or tender duties at the Dorset Avenue bridge which provide names, salaries and dates of employment from 2004 to present. Dorset Av Operators with SalariesChief Bridge Operator SpecsBridge Operator Trainee Specs


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