OPRA 5 (2014)
Water & Sewer Questions
(City's responses to OPRA are in bold, underlined and linked to the file)

This Open Public Records Act request seeks the following:

  1. a. printout of all Water & Sewer delinquencies at the current time; #1 (totals only will be due to resident's privacy issues)

    b. and printout of all residential addresses which have terminated hook ups to W&S due to uninhabitable premises or any other cause; Although Ventnor does not maintain a printout of residential addresses which have terminated W&S hook ups, Tom Klein, VC Water/Sewer Superintendent tabulated the number of requests from owners for disconnects from 2010 through 2014. Attached is his synopsis PDF.
    When the billing system was set up, an account was established for every tax line item. We have a list of "inactive accounts" which besides terminated hook ups, includes separate condo units where W/S is paid by the association, City properties, properties that were originally one line item but have since been subdivided and properties that do not have W/S service such as vacant lots.

  2. invoices for 2012, 2013 and year-to-date 2014 from ACUA for processing Ventnor sewage with both dollar amounts charged and gallonages processed; and, #2

  3. any infrastructure charge backs if ACUA bills the towns it serves for repairs or replacements of W&S mains undertaken by ACUA. In response to question #3, there are no "Charge backs" .

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