OPRA 1 (2014)
OPRA request for the cost so far of money put out since Hurricane Sandy
for Ventnor's City Hall Heating System including (response in bold and italic)

  1. The cost of temporary heating via heating ducts from outside machinery; Purchase Orders for Restore One who supplied the temporary City Hall heat last year (PDF)
  2. Cost of plans for new system; Resolution awarding contract (Remington, Vernick & Walberg Engineers) to design the new HVAC system;(PDF)
  3. Cost of purchasing and installing new system; Contract & purchase order for Falasca Mechanical for the installation of the new HVAC system.(PDF)
  4. Cost of temporary system and monthly fees; Agreement, Resolution & purchase order for GreenLife Energy who is supplying the temporary heat this year; (PDF)
  5. Reimbursement from FEMA. Total FEMA reimbursement for 2013 was $805,368.75. No reimbursements have yet been received in 2014.