OPRA 8 (2013)
Public Works & Planters; Legal Bills; Water & Sewer delinquencies; Property Tax delinquencies
(response in bold and italic)

Pursuant to the Open Public Record Act, the following public documents are sought:

  1. (a) Copy of work order(s) or other related documents evidencing the recent removal of planters (beautification) from city sidewalks and their disposition such as, e.g., put into storage (provide information about the location) or resale or other. There are no work orders or related documents. Planters are at the ball field.

    (b) Printouts of clocked time and of payroll for months of August 2013 and October 2013 listing by name and job title all employees of Public Works / Water & Sewer, their work hours and their pay for the period. Requested payroll information attached.

    (c) Printout of PW tasks for the month of July and for the month of October which are routinely undertaken on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) and which are not subject to spot-reported incidents giving rise to one-shot Work Orders. There are no printouts.

  2. (a) Copy or copies of professional services invoices from specially-appointed attorney Frank Corrado which may be redacted, as deemed appropriate under the "24 exceptions to OPRA" to conceal subject-matter entries relating to his internal investigation into the Latin Beach Fest affair, but may NOT be redacted as to dates, hours spent as time-on-task entered against such dates, and charges. No invoices submitted.

    (b) Financial printouts reflecting charges incurred (accounts payable) and charges paid (accounts paid) respecting Mr. Corrado's retention as investigating counsel. No charges incurred/paid.

  3. Per the November city newsletter notifying residents of "many" unpaid Water & Sewer and warning of water cut-offs for non-payment after 30 days of sending reminder bills, please provide:

    (a) a printout of unpaid Water & Sewer totals of outstanding unpaid bills as of the current date; Attached

    (b) a year-to-date comparison of actual Water and Sewer revenues versus budgeted 2013 W&S revenues. Attached

  4. A printout of property tax delinquencies totals as of the current date Attached and, further, if the CFO maintains a tabulation of actual tax delinquencies vs. budgeted reserves for unpaid taxes, an actual-to-budgeted comparison for year-to-date. Attached