OPRA #3 (2013) Ventnor Hurricane Sandy matters)
City Responses are in bold and italic

This request under New Jersey’s Open Public Record Act seeks the following public information:

Printout of all Accounts Payable accrued as owing to Heritage Environmental Services LLC and AshBritt, Inc. from November 4, 2012 through April 30, 2013. Heritage Payments AshBritt Payments

Printout of all Accounts Receivable and all Accounts Paid from federal or state emergency disaster funds (FEMA, NFIP, state agencies) for reimbursement of Ventnor hurricane-related disaster recovery expenses. Cost Summary
Force Account Labor Including Overtime
Force Account Equipment


Direct Administrative Costs
Additional details are available upon request by email

Copy of submissions to federal and state disaster relief agencies for reimbursement for hurricane-related disaster expenses.
The following Grant Applications for reimbursement have been submitted to FEMA:
$164,742.67 for Reimbursment for Labor to Provide Emergency Protective Measures PDF
$123,962.23 for City Hall Flood Remediation and Temporary Heating PDF
$52,387.11 for the Replacement of Traffic Lights PDF
$26,989.57 for the Replacement of Police Equipment PDF
$94,060.20 for the Testing and Repair of Drinking Well PDF
$38,883.12 for the Repair of the Recreation Building @ 311 N. Surrey Ave. PDF

FEMA money received PDF

Copy of denials by FEMA or other federal and state disaster relief agencies of requests for reimbursement submitted by Ventnor. With particularity, document(s) related to FEMA's denial of an application for reimbursement of costs for removal of all the city hall boilers -- both the boiler damaged by flooding and other boilers which had ceased being functional but had been left in place in basement of city hall -- is (are) sought. PDF

Copy of the contract with RestoreOne for rental of the temporary heating system for city hall. PDF

Printout of all city payments to RestoreOne from January 1, 2013 to the present. PDF

Printout of electricity billing accounts payable for the electrical lines servicing the temporary heating unit provided by RestoreOne from January 1, 2013 to the present. PDF

Copy of Ventnor City Police Department incident reports in respect of the crimes of Burglary and Break-ins for the period January 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013. PDF

Please provide list of addresses of the qualifying homes submitted by City of Ventnor to Habitat for Humanity for work in satisfaction of the Robin Hood grant received by Habitat, which was predicated upon reconstructing 25 homes in Ventnor Heights. From the Robin Hood Foundation website reciting the terms of the $50,000 grant: “Habitat for Humanity Atlantic County is planning a large-scale rebuilding event in May. Their goal is to repair 20 to 25 homes in Ventnor Heights. Volunteers, supervised by Atlantic's on-staff construction managers, will provide the labor for the rebuilding work and licensed contractors will be hired to repair damaged electrical systems.” PDF


Please provide copy of a certain grant application for $150,000 to Robin Hood Foundation which may or may not have been submitted to that entity for lack of completion. Towit, a certain necessary post-hurricane statistical profile of Ventnor City, summarizing the extent of damage to housing stock and the profile of damaged homes/homeowners to ascertain "qualification" standards being met. PDF

[It is my understanding that the recently announced $300,000 Robin Hood Foundation grant to assist Brigantine's homeowners whose gaps in insurance were delaying their ability to get back into habitable homes was a combined effort of their BrigStrong non-profit group of volunteers preparing some of the information needed to qualify for the grant and their city hall providing the statistical data reflecting a townwide survey to compile data about the extent of damage.]

Thank you for your timely attention to this request for public information.

Supplement to OPRA #3

This supplements the earlier request relating to the city's handlng of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Per a certain Resolution in February, Ventnor proposed hiring an outside consultant to prepare a statistical survey of the impact of the October '12 storm upon the town. Please provide a copy of the contract awarding the work to the consultant and a copy of his/her report. PDF

In connection with AmeriCorps dispatching volunteer(s) to assist residents in the muck-outs, rip-outs and other recovery work oriented toward getting them back into their homes, there was a certain AmeriCorps volunteer who was coordinating with ACUA. ACUA had offered to supply, at no charge, some additional dumpsters for debris deposit at a time after the deadline for curbside deposits and AshBritt's contracted work had expired. At an unknown date in late February or first half of March, the AmeriCorps volunteer was at the Public Works yard in relation to this cooperative project with ACUA when a person representing himself to be employed by Ventnor City Public Works came out of a building and ordered the AmericCorps volunteer off the premises. I informally raised this incident, which was orally reported to me as second-hand information and as explanation for why AmericCorps had re-directed its volunteer to another NJ town with greater "cooperative spirit" shown to volunteers, with the Commissioner of Public Works. She advised that she would inquire of Dave Smith, the department head, to find out what transpired. City's Response: Unaware of such incident occurring.

Please provide copy of emails, notes, or memoranda which would reflect the inquiry by the Commissioner and DPW into this incident. PDF

Thank you for your attention to these two supplemental requests for public information.