OPRA #2 (2013) Ventnor City Auto Fest
(response at the bottom in bold and italic)

This request under New Jersey’s Open Public Record Act seeks the following public information:

In connection with the Ventnor City Auto Fest event staged at the Library on October 10, 2012, by the city’s Ventnor Tourism Board:

Please provide copy of document showing gross revenues derived from the event.

Please provide copy of expenses paid out for the event through the city.

Please provide a printout showing Overtime hours for VCFD, VCFD and Dept of Public Works for the period Oct 1, 2012 through October 15, 2012.

Please provide copy of any letters from merchants who were solicited to pay for banners or other advertising at the event and who did not find their banners on display. These letters would be in the nature of either complaint letters OR demands for refunds.

Please provide a printout showing where any net profits from the event were lodged as line-item “receipts” of Ventnor City budget and/or where any net deficit from the event may have been covered by funds budgeted elsewhere in the city’s budget.

Thank you for your timely attention to this request.

Amended OPRA 2 Request:

The request submitted yesterday under the Open Public Records Act is amended upon the basis of the following new, but informal, information:

Requestor's information is that while some Ventnor entities and/or individuals may have pre-paid for sponsorships in return for advertising and failed to obtain the benefit of the bargain, there are OTHER entities and/or individuals who may have signed up to be sponsors and who received the benefit of advertising mention (banners, promotion in program materials, etc.) but who then failed to render the promised payment.

Please provide public documents as follows:

Copies of agreements pursuant to which individuals / business entities WHO DID NOT PAY agreed to pay a stated amount of money or gifts-in-kind in return for the advertising benefit of being promoted on banners, in program booklets, on electronic signboards, on public address systems or in any other fashion.

Copies of invoices which reflect the expenses paid by the city's appointed event organizers to fulfill their obligations to "advertise" sponsors who ultimately failed to honor their own obligations.

Copies of letters or invoices or other communications sent by the city and/or its appointed event organizers to attempt to collect sums owed by individuals or entities who/which were in arrears on payment.

Wherever dealings between the city/event organizers and the sponsors may have been oral communications for which no public documents exist, please so state.

Thank you for your timely attention to this amended request under OPRA.

City's Response:

Regarding your OPRA Request #2, Auto Fest, I am resending responses from CFO Aboderin, CMR Kelly and Mayor Bagnell. Certain unrelated information may have been inadvertently attached to the CFO response. Sorry for the confusion.