OPRA #1 (2013) Property tax matters
(response in bold and italic PDFs)

This request under New Jersey’s Open Public Record Act seeks the following public information:

Printout of property tax delinquencies. (PDF)

Per the remarks cited about property tax delinquencies rising by 1.5% recently, as found in the linked article below, please provide a printout summary showing total taxes due, total taxes delinquent, and (if calculation is routinely performed in extracting the databased information) the amount of taxes delinquent stated as a percentage of total taxes due. (PDF)


The same article cites to the “reserve” for delinquencies increasing by $385,000; please provide copy of the page of proposed 2013 budget which establishes the TOTAL reserve for tax delinquencies. (PDF)

Thank you in advance for your timely attention to this request.